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Need to start the week off right or want to make sure those toenails are prettied up for the weekend?
We now do $4.00 toe nails every day with daycare! 
Just request at drop for no more toe pain and tap dancing!
Karen's Animal House is happy to offer a fabulous facility for your dog's Day Care. Our Day Care area is both indoor and outdoor. Our indoor portion of Day Care is climate controlled. Dogs can move freely between indoor and outdoor if they choose to sunbathe, and this ensures keeping your pet's house training in check. Small dogs have their own separate play area, which allows the big dogs to romp and play hard. Our employees don't just watch your dogs, they interact and play with them.

Day Care is provided Monday - Saturday

Please call ahead for day boarding 
availability on Sunday

                               current Day     (new price effective
                                Care Fees          June 1, 2022) 

Daily Rate                        $19.00 + tax      ($21.50 + tax)

10 day pass (save 10%)    $171.00 + tax     ($193.50 + tax)

20 day pass (save 15%)    $323.00 + tax     (365.50 + tax)

30 day pass (save 20%)   $456.00 + tax     (516.00 + tax)

Day Care with boarding    half day $6.00 + tax    ($8.00 + tax)
                                      full day  $10.00 + tax  ($12.00 + tax)
Please feel free to send your dog's lunch with them to Day Care. All dogs are assigned a cubby for their personal items such as leashes, lunch boxes, or snacks. 

Hot dogs are also available as a treat for $1.00 per hot dog.
Day Care also available for cats in our cattery!
Above pricing applies.
Does your pet need to be watched for the day after a 
surgical procedure? Not a problem! Give us your veterinarian's orders and we can watch your dog during 
the day so you don't miss work.