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​Training - Puppy Manners, Obedience, Rally
Whether you want a well-mannered companion pet or a competition athlete, we have you covered. From new puppies to seasoned adults, classes are available for every level. Classes are offered in an indoor, climate controlled facility or outside weather permitting. 
Puppy Manners 
We know the most important time in training a dog is as early as possible. We offer our Puppy Manners Class for pups 8 weeks up to 6 months old. It is required that your puppy have at least two Distemper/Parvo shots for this class.

Learn to harness all that great puppy energy into properly walking on a leash. Learn sit, stay, down, and that very important come when called. 

This is not just a class but a support group that understands your frustrations and celebrates your victories. There is always time for a question and answer period for you to bring up any problems you may be having with your pup, such as hole digging, jumping on people, chewing, and house breaking.
Beginner - This is the most popular class at Karen's Animal House. This class is for dogs who are six months old and up. Young dogs who are no longer "cute puppies" are perfect for this class.

Your dog can be that dog at the vet who sits nicely and not barking or lunging at other dogs and people. 
A little training goes a long way.

Intermediate - Dogs which have successfully graduated from Beginner Obedience are ready for this class. You and your dog will build on the basic skills you both learned earlier to move onto off-leash work. Off-leash work makes you believe your dog can do anything. And it can!
Competition Level Obedience
In the Intermediate Obedience class, you will learn all the skills necessary to compete and receive your AKC Companion Dog Title (CD).

Occasionally Open and Utility Classes are offered. These upper level classes teach dumbbell retrieval and working your dog with hand signals.

Please call for availability of this class.
Rally Obedience
The dog and handler work their way through a course of instructional signs such as "Sit, Walk Around Your Dog," "Down Your Dog," and "Call Front."

There are four levels the owner can train their dog to Novice, Advanced, Excellent, and Master. 
Canine Good Citizen
In this class your dog will learn how to accept strangers, loud sounds, and interacting with other dogs. This class is a good step towards becoming a Therapy Dog. This class runs four weeks with the fourth week being the test for your Canine Good Citizen Title by an AKC certified examiner. 

Please call for availability of this class.  
2024 Training Classes
Class sessions start:
January 15
March 13
May 6
September 9

Beginning Rally - 6:30 pm
Intermediate/Advanced Rally - 7:45 pm

Beginning Obedience - 6:30 pm
Beginning Obedience - 7:45 pm

Puppy Manners - 6:30 pm
Intermediate Obedience - 7:45 pm

Class Fees are $125.00 + tax
Returning students $112.50 + tax

Classes are 6 weeks in duration.

There will need to be a minimum of three students to start a class.

There will be a maximum of 12 students 
for Obedience and Rally classes. 

Discounts available for returning students, multiple dogs in the same family, dogs rescued from any 501(c)3 organization, and all active Military & Law Enforcement.

Want to see what a training class is like? 
Have questions about what is Rally or how to teach a puppy to sit?

Feel free to drop in during any of our classes 
to see our training in action. 

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