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Does your pooch need a spa day with shampoo, conditioner, and nail trim? How about a hair cut or a full-breed specific detailing job? From Poodles to Pomeranians and Shepherds to Shar Peis, our groomers can handle the details.
Grooming Prices

Small dog bath (0 - 15 pounds)
    short coat - $15.00 + tax
​    long coat  - $25.00 + tax 

Medium dog bath (16 - 50 pounds)
    short coat - $20.00 + tax 
    long coat  - $35.00 + tax

Large dog bath (51 - 90 pounds)
​    short coat - $35.00 + tax
    long coat  - $50.00 + tax

X-Large dog (91 pounds & larger)
​    short coat - $45.00 + tax 
    long coat  - $55.00 + tax

Nail trim, ear cleaning, and expression of anal glands included in above prices.

All prices are contingent upon coat condition of dog.

Please feel free to ask for prices on individualized grooming.

Toe nail trim only              $12.00 + tax
Anal gland expression        $12.00 + tax
Now you can take home a clean dog from Day Care! Each Wednesday in June we are offering baths at 20% off. When you drop off your dogs in the morning for day care, just let us know that you would like a bath for your dog. Just think of it, now you can take home a tired dog that smells good too!