Karen's Animal House
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Required Vaccines
Copy of current Rabies "Certificate" (Invoice from your vet does not meet requirements of Dona Ana County Animal Control), Proof of Distemper/Parvo, Proof of Bordetella Vaccination

Copy of a current Rabies "Certificate" (Invoice from your vet does not meet requirements of Dona Ana County Animal Control), Proof of Feline FVRCP

Dog Boarding

All kennels are located indoors in a climate controlled building. Dogs are individually exercised outdoors four times per day.

Kennel sizes and pricing                          

Small 3 ft x 4 ft     $27.50 per night + tax

Medium 4 ft x 8 ft  $30.00 per night + tax

Large  6 ft x 8 ft    $34.50 per night + tax

We request that you bring your pet's regular food for their stay. This keeps your pet's diet regular, which help stress reduction and keeps your pet's stomach happy! We provide stainless steel bowls for your dog that are washed after every feeding so there is no need to send yours from home.

House food is available a $1.50 charge per feeding.

Please feel comfortable bringing any medication that your pet will require during its stay with us. There is a $1.00 charge per dosage.

You are welcome to bring any toys, treats, chewies, and bedding you think your pet would like to have while they stay with us. We do provide every dog with a cot. Please note that dogs could chew up their beds, so an unwashed blanket that smells of home for their cot is ideal for your dog's comfort.

Day care is an option to give your dog time out of its kennel and to socialize and play with other dogs. This option is available to neutered and spayed pets only. Day care is available for an extra charge of $8.00 for half-day and $12.00 for full-day.

Cat Boarding

Our Cattery is located in the main office building away from the dog kennel. Here you will find a bright, fun filled room for your cat to explore and exercise. 

Individual kennels are available for the cats. Free time out of their kennel is planned each day. There is a wonderful climbing wall for your cat to play on as well as a large window to sit in to bird watch or sun bathe.

​Kennel sizes and pricing:
36" x 24" x 48"  - $24.50 + tax

Second cat, same kennel 50% off, two cats per cage max.
Check Out Time is 12:00 noon

Pets remaining past this time will be charged an additional day of boarding.

10% discount on all services for Active and Retired Military as well as Law Enforcement.

Please Note: Our business hours for dropping off boarding clients are:
Monday- Saturday 7am - 6pm                Sunday 1pm - 5pm

If you require our service at any other time, YOU WILL be charged a mandatory $35.00 after hours fee.
If you have any questions, please ask for Karen.

Check in faster by having your paperwork completed ahead of time. 
Please plan a few minutes when you drop off your pet for boarding to fill out a 
current feeding and medication form. We understand that these two things can 
change from one visit to the next, and we always need your pet's current information. 

Click here to download boarding paperwork.

Click here to download pet information paperwork.

Click here to download Disclaimer/Provisions for Day Care paperwork.
Other Pet Boarding

Other pets, such as rodents, reptiles, and birds are also welcome to stay with us. Prices vary on size of your cage or terrarium. Please feel free to contact us for pricing.
If you would like your pet bathed/groomed while they are staying with us, please notify us when making your reservations so we can set an appointment with our groomers ahead of time. 

Multiple dogs in the same kennel from the same family get 50% off.